My husband and I had an idea. We thought, there’s so much unused window space in our home, what if we could harness the sun’s energy to grow edible plants indoors without the complicated pumps and hoses that some other vertical systems use? So after much research and many prototypes, the suction cup window shelf the “Veg Ledge” was born. We introduced the Veg Ledge through a Kickstarter campaign called Microgreenz ( that was funded in just seven days. Encouraged by our success, we decided to incorporate a passive hydroponic planter, which we call the “Aquaphoric”. The system worked much better than we ever expected, so we decided to launch our new business centered on year round indoor growing, called Window Garden.

We’ve had a great start but it’s far from over.  We spend many long days in our barn in rural Connecticut innovating new products to make growing indoors easy and elegant. We are firm believers in the health benefits of plants and we hope our products will make it easy for you to enjoy the power and beauty of plants, too!

Now, let’s get growing!

Lisa and Frank Catalano