We love growing plants on our farm in rural Connecticut. My husband and I are absolutely fascinated with the nourishing and healing power of plants. But having only three seasons to grow them was just not enough for our intensive plant based lifestyle. We began experimenting with indoor window gardening and were amazed at what we could grow no matter what season it was. In 2014, we launched a project called Microgreenz on Kickstarter that was funded in just seven days. With all the excitement and publicity surrounding our project, we knew we were onto something. That's where it began and Window Garden was born.

Since then, we’ve developed over 40 new products and continue to innovate and expand our product line. We distribute our products right from our barn in Connecticut to thousands of homes every day across the United States.
We are passionate about our business and feel good about the impact we are having on others. We truly hope you are thrilled with our Window Garden products and cultivate the same passion for growing plants as we have.
Now, Let’s Get Growing!
Lisa and Frank