• MINI GREENHOUSE - High Quality and Reusable, Creates the Perfect Environment to Germinate Seed for Growing Cat Grass Seed.
  • VEG LEDGE SUCTION CUP WINDOW SHELF - Maximize Sunlight, Minimize Windowsill Clutter - Securely Holds Over 5 Lbs.
  • SPONGEASE PERFECT POTTING SOIL - Expand it with Water and Spread Seed Over It, the Excellent Water Holding Capacity and Porous Fibers are Perfect for Growing Cat Grass.
  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED - Grow Cat Grass with our Cat Grass Kit, its Complete, Inexpensive and Rewarding for All Ages.
  • NEED A CAT LOVER GIFT? For Christmas, Birthdays, Moms, Dads, Students, Friends - Impressive From the Packaging to the Detailed Instructions - Sure to WOW!

Growing cat grass is fun and highly nutritious for your cat. Great for all ages, get kids involved in growing a special treat for your cat. This cat grass kit has everything you need for successful cat grass growing with easy to follow and informative instructions. No need to buy different products like seeds or messy growing medium, you don't even need a windowsill, just stick the handy Veg Ledge to a window for maximum sunlight and when your cat grass is grown, just clip and serve or serve directly from the tray.

The Veg Ledge suction cup window shelf saves space and maximizes vital sunshine plants need. The unique patent pending design distributes weight evenly on the lower support bar taking pressure off the suction cups. It's important that the window and suction cups are clean, enclosed are alcohol wipes for cleaning and detail instructions for years of reliable, dependable use.

Outstanding value! The Veg Ledge and the mini greenhouse are high quality and durable so you can use them again and again.

Highly effective cat grass growing kit with premium packaging, graphics and instructions make this the perfect cat lover gift for Christmas, Birthdays, moms, dads, kids, friends, relatives and coworkers.

Contains: 1 - Mini greenhouse, 1 - Veg Ledge, 1 - SpongEase perfect potting soil disc and wheatgrass seed

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